Welcome to the Rachel Jensen Photography Blog! I hope you enjoy checking out the photos and reading a little bit about them. A good story always adds a little meaning to a good picture and this allows me to show you my work, do a little writing (which I always enjoy) and brag up my clients a little because they are awesome!

Back to the Roots

December 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It makes me a little uncomfortable to toot my own horn, but I gotta just for a minute. I love when photos I did end up on Christmas cards. Admittedly last year it was just my own card that I know of but not this year! And rightfully so because the pictures of this fantastic fam are great!

Headed out for photo session with the Schneiderwents a few weeks ago (part of that whole catching up with blogging thing). Katie made this so simple to set up. I don’t know the area well for public places. when I suggested we went to her home farm for these, which her brother graciously allowed us to do, she loved it. I’m sure everyone else was very thrilled too. Seriously me though. Open fields, white fences, clients with perfect hair! (Katie’s my hair stylist.) And after a reschedule due to some icky weather, we got a beautiful night. And how cute are these kiddos!

Schneiderwent Family-2Schneiderwent Family-2 Schneiderwent Family-5Schneiderwent Family-5 Schneiderwent Family-7Schneiderwent Family-7 Schneiderwent Family-9Schneiderwent Family-9 Schneiderwent Family-11Schneiderwent Family-11 Schneiderwent Family-13Schneiderwent Family-13 Schneiderwent Family-16Schneiderwent Family-16 Schneiderwent Family-19Schneiderwent Family-19 Schneiderwent Family-21Schneiderwent Family-21 Schneiderwent Family-23Schneiderwent Family-23 Schneiderwent Family-28Schneiderwent Family-28

Let it Snow!

December 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Remember that Saturday a few weeks ago when we had snow?

I do. I got to go to what may be my new favorite location (Jorgens Park in Scandinavia) and photograph the Bremmer Family. I love how I was there two weeks earlier, but these pictures have a completely different look to them. Yay snow! I love the look of falling snow on photographs. Hopefully the Bremmers do too because that’s what they got! These sweet little girls were a little chilled but that just means it’s time to play. We mixed the classic “Christmas Card” poses in with some fun run around and play shots. Partly because that’s my style, partly because it kept them warm!

This was a fun morning! The first time getting to play in the snow brings a little kid out in all of us I think. And don’t worry, I asked them to throw snowballs at me!

Bremmer Family-1Bremmer Family-1 Bremmer Family-5Bremmer Family-5 Bremmer Family-9Bremmer Family-9 Bremmer Family-14Bremmer Family-14 Bremmer Family-17Bremmer Family-17 Bremmer Family-19Bremmer Family-19 Bremmer Family-21Bremmer Family-21 Bremmer Family-30Bremmer Family-30 Bremmer Family-32Bremmer Family-32 Bremmer Family-40Bremmer Family-40 Bremmer Family-42Bremmer Family-42