A Mini with the Mittelstaedts

October 13, 2017  •  1 Comment


You never know what to expect. Earlier this week I had a wonderful reminder of that and you know what? It turned out just fine. When little ones don’t want to look at the camera, you just roll with it! I stopped out at Paul and Missy’s a few nights ago and they were all set for family pictures. Even missed the end of that awesome Packer’s game for it.  – Sorry guys – We had fun though! The kids might not agree but we managed to get a few with semi smiles. And when the family looks this darn good, who cares which direction the kids are looking. Just check out this group!

Mittelstaedt-2Mittelstaedt-2 Mittelstaedt-4Mittelstaedt-4 Mittelstaedt-6Mittelstaedt-6 Mittelstaedt-7Mittelstaedt-7 Mittelstaedt-11Mittelstaedt-11 Mittelstaedt-13Mittelstaedt-13 Mittelstaedt-14Mittelstaedt-14 Mittelstaedt-16Mittelstaedt-16 Thanks for letting me hang with you guys!



Rebecca Grundman(non-registered)
True life photos with children! Very nice!
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