The Schuelke Crew

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The Schuelke Family

Our fall colors are quickly fading, but we still had some left for this family session a couple weeks ago. With their oldest home from college and their youngest willing to squeeze in some family pictures amid homecoming week we had just this day that would work for photos. We planned for an evening, my usual preference, but those high schoolers have such social lives with the homecoming festivities going on that we switched it to the morning. It was perfectly cloudy and the rain started in the early afternoon. Funny how some things just work out right!

We headed back on their land which is just beautiful. Assessed the coon damage to the deer plot and got down to the business of making great family pictures. Just look at these guys, all stylish and fall-ready!

SchuelkeFamily-3SchuelkeFamily-3 SchuelkeFamily-7SchuelkeFamily-7 SchuelkeFamily-8SchuelkeFamily-8 SchuelkeFamily-10SchuelkeFamily-10 SchuelkeFamily-11SchuelkeFamily-11

Had to get a few of Bryce in lieu of the plain school pictures. After all a new house with a new wall and a new family picture should have a new picture of the kids too.


Then we found a big maple in the woods that dropped all these gorgeously vibrant leaves so we had to stop there. It is fall after all.

SchuelkeFamily-24SchuelkeFamily-24 SchuelkeFamily-29SchuelkeFamily-29 SchuelkeFamily-32SchuelkeFamily-32

Back to the house where there were a few critters out and about. Always gotta get a couple of shots with those guys if we can. Sometimes they work…


Sometimes, not so much….


But no matter what the animals do for us, this family was awesome! I hope you guys had a ton of fun and enjoy picking the next family picture for your wall!


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