Everyone's Home!

November 30, 2017  •  1 Comment

We’re at that point in the year when all we hear are ads about family and gifts with a constant Christmas music background. Our calendars are packed with events from school programs to family get togethers. And as much as we look forward to the holidays, none of us get too excited about the travel involved. I can’t really commiserate with a lot of people. My Thanksgiving round trip traveling totals less than 50 miles. I can see the green in your eyes.

So I can only imagine how this family felt to be able to get together a couple weeks ago. I’m really happy I was able to fit into the schedule and get them some family photos too. With Grandma and Grandpa still here in Waupaca, their daughter and her family in the Milwaukee area and their son and his family in California, all the travel involved with this visit was well worth it.

I had a lot of fun with this shoot. You gotta love how kids don’t know yet to worry about things being just right or perfect. If they aren’t feeling like sitting still for a picture, they don’t and that’s when the fun starts. They embrace the moment their in. Really the only trouble I had with this shoot was getting Grandma to take her eyes off those grandkids for the camera clicks. And who could blame her, just check out how adorable these babies are! Oh yeah, the rest of them look good too!


Stange Family-1Stange Family-1 Stange Family-7Stange Family-7 Stange Family-8Stange Family-8 Stange Family-10Stange Family-10 Stange Family-12Stange Family-12 Stange Family-17Stange Family-17 Stange Family-19Stange Family-19 Stange Family-24Stange Family-24 Stange Family-28Stange Family-28 Stange Family-33Stange Family-33 Stange Family-35Stange Family-35 Stange family, I hope the rest of your time together was wonderful and relaxing, and all those crazy travels were paid for with some fantastic memories!


Cresta Buss(non-registered)
Love the plaids! Everyone looks so happy!
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