The Newsome Family

November 27, 2017  •  2 Comments

Holy Schnikes! I feel like I’m still getting over how fast October went by and here we are, a big checkmark by Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve been making it a point to get my photos to my clients soon after their session. However, blogging those great sessions has fallen by the wayside. I’ve had a few sessions recently that just aren’t bloggable (Is that a word?), so I got out of the habit. Sorry all my awesome clients! And all of you who like to see those photos pronto. I am putting “blog more” on my goal list for the upcoming year.

I shall start now with the Newsome Family. It was already cold when we headed out to the park. But this family was as prepared as could be. Plus when there’s a little puppy along for the session, the kids don’t notice the cold as much. Check out some of these fun family photos! And some individuals of the kids.

Newsome Family-2Newsome Family-2 Newsome Family-6Newsome Family-6 Newsome Family-7Newsome Family-7 Newsome Family-9Newsome Family-9 Newsome Family-12Newsome Family-12 Newsome Family-14Newsome Family-14 Newsome Family-15Newsome Family-15 Newsome Family-18Newsome Family-18 Newsome Family-21Newsome Family-21 Newsome Family-23Newsome Family-23 Newsome Family-26Newsome Family-26 Newsome Family-27Newsome Family-27 Newsome Family-30Newsome Family-30 Newsome Family-36Newsome Family-36 Newsome Family-38Newsome Family-38 Newsome Family-40Newsome Family-40 Newsome Family-41Newsome Family-41 Newsome Family-43Newsome Family-43 Newsome Family-45Newsome Family-45 Newsome Family-47Newsome Family-47 Newsome Family-51Newsome Family-51 Newsome Family-54Newsome Family-54 Newsome Family-56Newsome Family-56 Newsome Family-59Newsome Family-59 Newsome Family-63Newsome Family-63 Newsome Family-67Newsome Family-67 Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys!


Sharon Rasmussen(non-registered)
Awesome family and photographer.
Tasha Seeger(non-registered)
Love everyone's true smiles!
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