The Noltner Family

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The Noltner Family

Another family session has been delivered and now the Noltners get to pick a new family photo for the wall. There was still a little bit of color and brightness to the grass and trees when we headed out for this session. So a nice little trail with some tall grass and tree lines was a great setting for this family.

When we planned the session Tracey's main concern was getting a good family shot to put on the newly decorated walls. She also wanted everyone to look like themselves, not all gussied up because that’s not who they are. I really like that. Of course when you’re investing in family portraits you want everyone to look good. But that doesn’t always mean you have to get decked out in your Sunday best. You know what you should really look like in your photos? YOU! So for the Noltners, jeans and pullovers it was. And they all look just right.

They also give me hope that 15 years from now my two boys will still do some things to make their mama happy, like take family pictures!

NoltnerFamily-2NoltnerFamily-2 NoltnerFamily-4NoltnerFamily-4 NoltnerFamily-6NoltnerFamily-6 NoltnerFamily-9NoltnerFamily-9 NoltnerFamily-12NoltnerFamily-12 NoltnerFamily-17NoltnerFamily-17 NoltnerFamily-19NoltnerFamily-19 NoltnerFamily-22NoltnerFamily-22

Now these two have been married for (I believe) 22 years. When I asked how long it’s been since they had pictures done of just the two of them the answer was “probably our wedding”. Too Long! But very very common. I try to make it a point of all my family sessions to get a few of just dad and mom if they're up for it. After all, there wouldn’t be a need for family pictures without them!

NoltnerFamily-24NoltnerFamily-24 NoltnerFamily-27NoltnerFamily-27 NoltnerFamily-31NoltnerFamily-31 NoltnerFamily-34NoltnerFamily-34 NoltnerFamily-36NoltnerFamily-36

I had a great time hanging out with this family. I hope they had fun too!


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