Baby it's cold outside!

December 15, 2017  •  4 Comments

Baby, it’s cold outside!

But the Voss family toughed it out for these pictures. The snow gave us a nice ground covering, the Packers won just minutes before we started. It was (other than being so cold) a perfect day for family pictures. We moved fast and I think they had a little fun. Collin even got his picture with Binky, which was part of the deal he made with Mom and Dad for doing this in the first place. How adorable!

This wraps up my sessions for this winter. The holidays will be keeping me busy for the rest of the year and an impending kitchen remodel will likely consume January. Maybe some Valentine’s Day mini sessions will make it into the future.

So check out this family and show them some love in the comments. I’d love to know what your favorite is!


Voss Family-1Voss Family-1 Voss Family-2Voss Family-2 Voss Family-3Voss Family-3 Voss Family-5Voss Family-5 Voss Family-6Voss Family-6 Voss Family-9Voss Family-9 Voss Family-12Voss Family-12 Voss Family-13Voss Family-13 Voss Family-14Voss Family-14


Ashley Radloff(non-registered)
Your pictures always show the true love and spirit of everyone!!
Leah Hamilton(non-registered)
Love your work, Rachel! Beautiful photos!
Vera Lynn Hanson(non-registered)
I like the photo walking over the bridge with the tree bending over the top
I particularly love the picture of the family huddled together in front of the river. Collin with Binky is great!
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