The Frozen Townsends

December 31, 2017  •  9 Comments

The Frozen Townsends

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! When families are together, we’re recovering from way too much food and excitement over Christmas, getting our resolution list in place on the fridge so we can take it down around January 20th… Wait, that’s not what everyone does? Guess that’s just me then. But what I’m sure about is that this past week especially, we are doing all those things inside whenever humanly possible. We’ve all seen the “colder in Wisconsin than Antarctica” memes, and I know a young man who was in a wedding in Alaska yesterday. It was 30° as opposed to our -10°. In this weather, we stay inside. Unless you farm or you are….

The Townsend Family. I was very prepared to have a shoot of everyone in coats, hats and mittens. But those pictures don’t have the wall stay-ability (yeah, probably just made that up) as nice jeans and sweaters do. So even though the dash said -3°, these guys all ventured outside, dropped their coats in a pile, and completely ignored their frozen fingers and toes. We did put the coats back on for a couple and even had Andrew’s sweet Sophia throw snow at everyone for some fun!

Happy New Year everyone!

Townsend Family-3Townsend Family-3 Townsend Family-4Townsend Family-4 Townsend Family-6Townsend Family-6 Townsend Family-8Townsend Family-8 Townsend Family-11Townsend Family-11 Townsend Family-13Townsend Family-13 Townsend Family-15Townsend Family-15 Townsend Family-17Townsend Family-17 Townsend Family-20Townsend Family-20



Terri Hamm(non-registered)
Super sweet! I love the rosy cheeks and noses. Beautiful family!
Wendy Wright(non-registered)
Rachel! Your photos are so beautiful! I love how natural they look. Terrific work!
Cresta Buss(non-registered)
These pictures are so amazing! I'm booking you for our next family photos!
Aunt Pat(non-registered)
Beautiful!! They didn't even look cold!
Crissy Pierce(non-registered)
Such great photos!!!
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