The McPeak Family

December 04, 2017  •  1 Comment

When your kids no longer look anything like the pictures on your wall, it’s time to update. Lives are just so darn busy! Luckily, this photographer does house calls. Especially when you have cool old buildings and open fields out your front door!

I’m pretty sure it was the same temperature a month ago as it is now. There was just a little bit of ice on the puddles the day of the McPeak family mini session. My clients have been so awesome this fall, braving the cold to get family pictures taken! This day was no different. Of course the cold never seems to bother kids as much as us grown ups. Why does that happen? Anyway, check out the McPeak family!

McPeak Family-1McPeak Family-1 McPeak Family-8McPeak Family-8 McPeak Family-9McPeak Family-9 McPeak Family-12McPeak Family-12 McPeak Family-15McPeak Family-15 McPeak Family-19McPeak Family-19 McPeak Family-23McPeak Family-23 McPeak Family-25McPeak Family-25 McPeak Family-32McPeak Family-32


Rebecca Grundman(non-registered)
How wonderful that you will go to residences :) again, amazing photos!
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