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Here We Go...

My first ever blog post. It's a pretty dreary time of year photo-wise but I should be able to find a few to show you. My real goal today is to give you - valued and appreciated reader - a chance to get to know me just a little better.

So, who in the world am I and what is Truly You Photography? Well - I am a local (Waupaca, WI) outdoor photographer just starting out on this entrepreneurial journey. I am first and foremost a stay at home mom. My husband works a shift job but is a farmer at heart. Together we are raising two young boys, two dogs and soon will be filling our pasture with a couple dozen steers. Be prepared, cute kid with calf pictures to come. But until then...

Photography has always been a side interest of mine, but I am cursed with finding many things enjoyable. I grew up on a small dairy farm and LOVE animals. I was one of those oddballs who really enjoyed school. I'm no math guru but I do like finances .One of my favorite classes at UW-River Falls was Farm Records and Tax. Who says that? I like to cook. Disclaimer, liking to do and being good at doing are not always hand in hand. This principle also applies to my "like" of gardening, crafting and running. But over the years and with continuous self teaching (s/o to youtube and google) I think I have gotten pretty good at photography. I'm still learning every time I shoot, especially since I just did a camera upgrade and it was like going from my flip style "dumb phone" to my recently acquired smartphone. Yup, I held out that long. Unlike I'm sure every one of these kids...

And so it began...

Last spring while taking pictures at my niece's and nephew's prom, a few parents asked if I was going to offer senior pictures. I thought, why not? So I really studied the photos from that day, learned A LOT, got serious about educating myself and started practicing more. I do love taking pictures and although I think my kids are adorable, they are not always the most cooperative or willing subjects. I was lucky to catch them in simultaneous good moods the other day for these shots. 

So I started Truly You Photography, named such because I want the photos I take to show who you are, what your personality is like and where you are in life. Maybe you're a laid back senior who loves music, sports or hunting. You might be a family in that crazy stage of life wrangling children 24/7. Possibly you're half of an excited couple embarking on a life together. Whoever you are, I would love to be your photographer. I want to get to know you, provide you with a fun experience of being in the so called spotlight, (no harsh blinding lights actually involved) and deliver photos you will love. 

Now, one other thing I have been accused of being good at is writing. This post is purposely a bit straight forward and lacking in literary bling for sake of length. Still,  I'm hoping to use my - dare I say "talent" - to provide you with entertaining blog posts down the line paired with pictures that you think are great and quite honestly, make you want to hire me!

Thanks for reading!

Truly Yours,  Truly You



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