Waupaca Prom

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Hello Truly You friends!

Almost two weeks ago now I got to do a really fun photo shoot of an exciting day, WAUPACA PROM! Now, I'm not gonna divulge what exact year my junior prom would have been but I will say, the styles have changed, and they look gooood! For example, 

Okay, so you can't really see the great dresses here because there were, at my best count, 91 people on that bridge. Let's back up a bit...

A week before prom I met with Alyssa to go over a few details of prom day so I would be better prepared. She showed me a picture of her dress then but I was so excited to start clicking when I saw how absolutely gorgeous she looked in it. I mean, really...


I was like, 

So, added bonus. If you happen to be reading from somewhere other than our little town you may not be familiar with this tradition. Typically the prom class elects a junior king and queen. Alyssa's brother was that little king so I had double the cuteness to shoot. He was so adorable and so very proud of himself in his little tux. 

And sorry to the little girl who was his date, Grant told me he's only going to prom with her, he's not going to marry her. (Wouldn't it be funny if twenty years from now that turned out to be false!)

Anyways, Grant was super cute and Alyssa was just beautiful. Together they were super sweetness...

We ended up having beautiful weather for the 1st of April and could really enjoy the outside. Got quite a few great shots of Alyssa around the property before the day really got underway.



By the way, this girl isn't all glam. She can swing a bat around too. Beware upcoming dates!



Then the real date arrived, of course looking dapper. And then the flowers come out, and so do the comments like "Wait, how does this go on? What part of the coat does it pin to? Do you know how to do this?" Seriously, the make boutonnieres so difficult! But eventually everyone was all put together!

After mom helped a little. Thanks Mom!

Cole was so "go with the flow" about the whole prom deal. I loved it. And he was so comfortable in front of the camera. These two made my job really easy!





After all those posed and planned pictures at the house it was off to the park where most the kids were meeting for fun group shots. Check out some of those on my Facebook page - www.facebook.com/rachel.jensen.984 in the Prom 2017 album. 

I hope Prom 2017 was everything you hoped for and thank you so much for letting me be a small part of that day!

Truly Yours, 

from Truly You


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