Three Kiddos

April 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Change is in the air!

It's always surprising to me how fast it seems the photos we have up on the walls are suddenly years old. Before we know it our kids look nothing like those years old shots. That's not necessarily bad, but we want the current version of them too! Otherwise we miss times of big changes. Well, sometimes life gets in the way and that can take a little longer than we plan!

As was the case for these kids. See, last fall I took Austin's senior portraits. No problems there! And such an exciting time, going into that final year of high school. It was fall and everything was winding down for the winter.


The bummer was that we were planning on getting a few shots with little brother and sister too. But flu happens, and nobody wants to have their picture taken then. So we figured we'd find another time to get them all together. They only live a couple miles away.

Now it's spring! When we took these shots the grass was just starting to green up and it was finally warm enough to leave the coat in the closet. And Blake is ready to finish up the 8th grade and fill Austin's place in the high school next year. So mom had the evening open, Austin didn't have to work, and my camera was ready to go. We finally got pictures of the three and it only took 6 months!


The only problem we faced was quite a bit of wind from an uncooperative direction. It was face the sun or face the wind. Either way, it's tough to keep the eyes from watering. These guys were troopers though and up for climbing all over to get some fun shots!



We hopped all over the property, which was just starting to green up.



These kids were so easygoing in front of a camera! It was a lot fun to hang out with them for a bit. The next picture is I think my personal favorite from the afternoon.


We finished up with a couple of silly shots, during which we discovered that Kenzie is not so confident in her brothers' ability to hold her up!



And last but not least, a four legged photo bomber!

It was a good afternoon with these guys. I hope I get to photograph the whole family sometime!

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