Those Farm Boys...

May 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

You know how sometimes you start redecorating and you're almost done, but there's just one more thing to put up and it just never happens?

I do it all the time, but my sister has been getting picked on pretty bad for months now. She did a little redecorating last fall and since then there has been a frame on her wall boasting a so-so picture of a wooden ladder leaning on a stone wall. It is the picture that came in the frame. The intention was to have a picture of her son in it.

So on Sunday I called Griffin and said, "Hey, let's get some pictures done this week and then that's one more thing off the list." His reaction - "Ugh, what do we gotta take pictures for?" and then, "Well, is it supposed to rain any day this week?" I'm pretty sure his thought was actually 'if it rains a lot some day and I can't get in the field then I might be able to tolerate having my picture taken.'

So we decided Tuesday at 6:30 would work. I get to the house at about quarter after 6. Griffin pulls in at 6:25 , straight from the field. No hat head at least since I had mentioned not to wear one beforehand. He says, "Do I gotta change?" 

"Yes, Griffin. The dusty Carhartts are not the look we're going for. Just a solid color t-shirt and clean jeans is all you need." He sends his mom to find a shirt. We head outside. Next thing he says is "We can just go right in the yard or do we gotta go up to the farm too?"

I say, "We're gonna go up to the bunks, the bins and then back to the hay field at the house" He says, "Okay so just like one picture at each or you gotta do more than that?" Oh, Griffin. So we get to the bunkers...

Then when we were gonna walk down the hill to the bins I said, "actually let's head by the open end of the pile quick." 

Those took literally about 2 minutes. So he says, "we can just skip the grain bins then, or no?"

"No Griffin, I still want just a few shots at the bins. It'll be really quick, I promise."

For a kid who so clearly and openly dreaded having his pictures taken, he was very easy going in front of the camera. He's a natural! We had one more stop in the hayfield back at the house.

I said, "This is the fastest photo shoot you'll probably ever have Grif. Just wait until you have senior pictures done." He said, "Those should go faster then right?

To put this in perspective - He pulled in the driveway at 6:25. I put my ladder and camera away in my vehicle at 7:02. Before I got in the house to say goodbye to my sister he was back out in the dusty Carhartts to get to the next field. Gotta love those farm kids! Always busy, but I'm sure glad this one could take 37 minutes (not counting drive time) out of his night to accommodate an aunt.

Thanks Griffin!


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