Cutie Patooties

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Get a load of these little cuties!

Barden-18Barden-18 I must admit, I'm a bit partial to this particular group of kids. They are, after all, my nieces and nephew. 

And they have a perfectly shaded backyard for a quick little mini session. These were a couple of weeks ago already, doesn't the time seem to fly by. 

Which is why I believe it's important to get some photos taken of your family every once in awhile. In a blink it'll be time to schedule senior portraits for them. This time of the year certainly reminds parents of that. But for now we can enjoy them when they like each other enough to get together like this...

Barden-20Barden-20 and this...

Barden-21Barden-21 and even like this...

Barden-19Barden-19 These three were so excited to have a photo shoot done and they were sooooo good at posing for me! Gotta love a trio of hams!

We were lucky too. This was one of those iffy days that was always threatening to turn dark and rainy, gave a few sprinkles here and there. But right on time, the sky cleared up, the sun sank perfectly behind the trees and presto! Great pictures!

Barden-15Barden-15 And of course, everyone needs their own spotlight once in awhile. So when they get a little sick of hugging on each other (because any parent knows that happens sooner or later) we took a few minutes for a little one on one time. 

Barden-24Barden-24 Barden-25Barden-25 Barden-26Barden-26 This is one of my shorter blog posts, because it was a shorter session. 20 minutes was all it took since they were perfect the whole time! Love it when that happens. Thanks for letting me take your pictures! I must admit, some of these will be going up on my very own wall!

Rachel Jensen


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