Double Exposure

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Hello friends!

Two weeks ago now I had the opportunity to do senior photos for Erik and Ryan. Twins whose mom is on the ball and got those photos done early! Since the photos were delivered last night, I can now share them with all of you! (I firmly believe my client should be the first to get to see all the great pictures they had taken.)

So on one of the last days of school we had a quick meeting at the high school. Of course there was a lot of "whoop whoop" in the air from the 2017 class being almost done with school! Such an exciting time of life and I love being able to hear it. I met Ryan, Erik and of course their mom, and we got to know each other a little bit. Decided on some locations and away we went. Picture day started at Brainard's Bridge.


I decided to have Ryan start, since alphabetically he's probably always stuck second!

Ryan-1Ryan-1 Ryan-4Ryan-4 Switching gears we let Erik get rolling on his photo shoot...

ErikErik-3ErikErik-3 ErikErik-1ErikErik-1 Mom wasn't so sure about the shirt being left unbuttoned but I think it fit his style pretty well. 

You know how boys aren't always the quickest to plaster on a smile for the camera. That's okay! I love the casual half smile I got for a lot of these pictures. It's so natural and relaxed!

Erik-5Erik-5 Ryan-12Ryan-12 Now of course we always want some with those big smiles. That's what moms and dads want on the wall and Grandma wants in her purse right? So after a little chatting with Ryan about how I know he actually has teeth otherwise he would not be so much taller than me, I did get some full smile shots. Erik let a couple of those out too. AND, we even got a few laughs going throughout the shoot.

Ryan-14Ryan-14 Ryan-7Ryan-7 Erik-9Erik-9 Erik-18Erik-18 Ryan-10Ryan-10 A few more of my faves from Brainards before we move on...

Ryan-6Ryan-6 Ryan-11Ryan-11 Ryan-21Ryan-21 Erik-19Erik-19 Erik-15Erik-15 Erik-14Erik-14 Erik-8Erik-8

Then we went on to a new location for a change of pace. I made these guys wade in to some pretty tall grasses so I hope they checked for ticks afterwards!

The Wau-king Trail is becoming one of my favorite go-to's for field style photos...

Erik-20Erik-20 Erik-22Erik-22 Erik-24Erik-24 Ryan-23Ryan-23 Ryan-24Ryan-24 Ryan-26Ryan-26 After a few more shots we finished up right on time, let these guys get back to normal life and I got to go home and check out all the great shots we got!

Ryan-29Ryan-29 Ryan-27Ryan-27 Erik-28Erik-28 Erik-25Erik-25 These guys were so great through the whole shoot. I am so happy I got the chance to work with them. They did present me with a problem though - I couldn't quite narrow down the number of images for each to the 20 their package includes so I just had to give them more like 25-30 each. What am I supposed to do!

Thanks Ryan and Erik!

If you want to check out their complete galleries just click here for ERIK

or here for RYAN




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