50 Years Later

July 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Wow, how the summer is flying by! I can hardly believe we are halfway through July already. Speaking of July, the 22nd is going to be a very special date for some recent clients of mine. Arlyn and Sharon will be celebrating...

50 YEARS of marriage!

Isn't that incredible. I had the honor of  meeting the entire Wepner family a few weeks ago and taking family photos for them. All 31 of them. We met at one of their daughters' houses and had great time!

Wepner Family-46Wepner Family-46 This family was so awesome to work with. They were so kind and helpful too! They had a game plan in place of how to get all the pictures done and I felt like it went about as smoothly as it could. Individual family photos of 7 families, then the big group, then just the kids, kids with spouses, just the grandkids and so on. One of my favorite of just the seven kids (the grown kids) is this one,

Wepner Family-88Wepner Family-88 We had perfect weather and a great location. So we could get awesome pictures like these,

Wepner Family-58Wepner Family-58 Wepner Family-73Wepner Family-73 Wepner Family-84Wepner Family-84 Wepner Family-90Wepner Family-90 Wepner Family-92Wepner Family-92 Wepner Family-93Wepner Family-93 But of course, 29 of these people wouldn't be here if it weren't for Arlyn and Sharon thinking, "let's get married and raise a herd of kids while living the farm life" 50 years ago. I know dairy farming with a bunch of little ones, or worse, teenagers, isn't always easy. But it seems they did it well and I'm so happy they are celebrating this occasion. So here's a few of  just our proud groom and his blushing bride!

Wepner Family-27Wepner Family-27 Wepner Family-32Wepner Family-32 Wepner Family-99Wepner Family-99 Wepner Family-110Wepner Family-110 Wepner Family-107Wepner Family-107 I had so much fun with this family! If you want to check out the whole fam, just go to their gallery here.

Thanks Arlyn and Sharon for letting me be part of your day and congratulations on

50 years!



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