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Is he really a senior?

I sure have to ask myself that a lot lately. And a few weeks ago I was asking it all over again. I got to take senior pictures for another nephew. I met Dusten out at his dad's land on Campbell Lake. Did a quick wardrobe check and headed out to brave the heat and the palm-sized mosquitos. I swear! 

We started out in the yard, made use of a few little sheds for backgrounds, I made use of my ladder to get any chance of a higher position and we started clicking away.

Dusten-1Dusten-1 Dusten-3Dusten-3 Dusten-7Dusten-7 Dusten-46Dusten-46 Dusten-45Dusten-45 Okay, the kid's got a great smile. Correct? I may be slightly partial due to my godmother status but I really think I'm being objective here! Now, I love when a senior has a hobby or interest they want incorporated into their photos. And Dusten had his rifle ready! Were it in season he could have even filled his tags with how many deer were out in the fields that night, although none of them would cooperate to photo bomb any of our photos. So rifle shots for the future Army enlistee...

Dusten-11Dusten-11 Dusten-14Dusten-14 Dusten-30Dusten-30 Then let's head to the lake and the open field on the way to it. The perfect spot to park the first truck. And add in some deer fly bites, but what can I say. Take the good with the annoying little critters!

Dusten-18Dusten-18 Dusten-19Dusten-19 Dusten-25Dusten-25 Dusten-23Dusten-23 Dusten-28Dusten-28 Dusten-27Dusten-27 Dusten-39Dusten-39 Dusten-50Dusten-50 Switch out the Dodge for the Kubota and we wrapped up this session just as the sun decided to peek out of the clouds it had been hiding behind all afternoon. 

Dusten-35Dusten-35 Dusten-34Dusten-34 Dusten-32Dusten-32 Dusten-31Dusten-31 A great night and a great senior in the books! 

Good luck with senior year!


Aunt Pat(non-registered)
You have such a great eye for getting the right shots! GREAT pics!!
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