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August 31, 2017  •  3 Comments

Josh's Senior Session

I'm just gonna start by saying it out loud. This is not the easiest blog post to write. Seeing as I'm no big name in the photography world (yet!), those of you who read this probably know me or know Josh or both. After a very difficult week, Josh decided he wanted to get these pictures taken. I'm so glad he did and that I'm the one who got to take them. It's just that finding the right words to say and the right tone to set for this blog is a challenge. But I'm seldom at a loss for words so I'll do my best. And when I got a message a few weeks ago that Josh wanted to get senior pictures taken that week, I said "I'll see you then." 

So I headed out to his place on a Friday afternoon and away we went. I pulled in to see Shimmer, all ready for her part of the photo shoot. Well, ready in cleanliness. Not so much in attitude. This was not her thing. But we went ahead anyway!

Josh-3Josh-3 Luckily though, another critter of Josh's was more than happy to have her moment in the spotlight so we moved on to a few that became some of my favorites. There's something about a boy, excuse me, young man and his dog. Connections like these two have show up in photographs without any effort.

Josh-5Josh-5 Josh-10Josh-10 Josh-15Josh-15 Of course though, I wasn't really there to take Ella's pictures. Josh is the one starting senior year. We had some really nice spots right at the house including some round bales (good thing I practiced jumping around on those a time or two in life) and a nice little lake.

Josh-24Josh-24 Josh-21Josh-21 Josh-13Josh-13 Josh-33Josh-33 Josh-30Josh-30 Josh-29Josh-29 Josh was so laid back and relaxed it made this session easy from the get go. And when I said "can you get in by that tree?", he said "I can probably get pretty high up in it." Alright then, but don't be falling out!

Josh-40Josh-40 Josh-44Josh-44 From there we headed over to a neighbor's wheat field with Josh's old pick up. A Ford. Nice. This was absolutely my favorite truck related session to date! I mean really, check these out.

Josh-53Josh-53 Josh-57Josh-57 Josh-61Josh-61 Josh-62Josh-62 Josh-65Josh-65 Josh-68Josh-68 Josh-77Josh-77 The next is another one of my favorites but I have to give credit, the flag placement idea was Josh's girlfriend's, not mine. And look who else wasn't ready to be done with photos.

Josh-78Josh-78 A few more with the truck after waiting out a two minute rain shower...

Josh-81Josh-81 Josh-87Josh-87 Josh-88Josh-88

and then it was time to start wrapping up. And that's when I got my top favorite.

Josh-89Josh-89 Love that one! I hope Josh does too. After wading out of the wheat and being joined once again by a furry friend, it was time to be done and move on towards senior year.

Josh-97Josh-97 I really enjoyed this session and having the chance to get to know Josh just a little bit better that day. What a mature young man to be able to look towards the future and recognize that it's okay to laugh and smile, even amidst hurting. And good thing too, because that's a heck of a smile!  Good luck with senior year and all your future plans!


Terri Hamm(non-registered)
These photos are so Great! Awesome job Rachel!I love your blog post. These couldn't be a more perfect reflection of Josh.
Lou Ann(non-registered)
Great job Rachel, Josh is a really a genuine young man.
Julie Neubauer(non-registered)
Well done you, Rachel.... well done...
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