Downtown with Dawson

September 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Downtown with Dawson

I gotta just say, I love being in the open country. The current trend of outdoor photos in places that feature open fields, trees and flowers suits me well. Throw in a tractor and a dog and a month ago I would have said that's my favorite. Right up my alley. Then I took Dawson's photos in an alley and I have a new fave location style to add to my list. 

Dawson is not a country/farm/truck type of kid like so many of my seniors are. (Don't worry farm kids, I still love ya!) He's more of a building and architecture and deciding whether to go to college in Wisconsin or New York type of kid. I got to shake up the style with this one and since we wanted a variety of old buildings and stairs to work with, I suggested we head to downtown Point. 

I love the texture and contrast of this first location. 



One of the great things about being in a city for a session - the available variety. Over the next half hour we walked around the downtown square and found a few different places to take some great shots. I did get Dawson to give me a little variety in expression sometimes too. 















Let's break the city feel for a bit by heading to a park that was a whopping two blocks away. Right on the Wisconsin River as our sun was fading away we got a few more shots. The sun was really orange and there was a haze in the air that afternoon. It gave me some interesting glow and back-light for some of these.








And then the sun was down and we were done. Well, almost.


Okay, now we're done. This session was so much fun! Good luck with the rest of your senior year Dawson and good luck where ever you decide to head off to!


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