Hunter Senior Session

September 07, 2017  •  1 Comment

Hunter's Senior Session


I gotta say, I'm getting a lot of practice this summer photographing boys with their trucks. This shoot started out on a beefy little farm bridge with Hunter and his fairly new (to him) bright blue Dodge. I loved the combination of those three things!

A little shifting to make sure we weren't holding up the grain trucks at work and we got some of those closer up senior shots.




Then we headed down to the river which was crystal clear. The bugs stayed at bay and Hunter was super relaxed. Even got a little smile out of him once in awhile!




A few more up on the road before moving on to another location. Love the clean sand and the contrast on these. 



Then we moved on to a little dead end road that Mom used to take the kids for walks down. The time sure goes quick from stroller to driving!





There's the smile!

Getting closer to sunset let us get a few more on the road. (Don't worry, mom was watching for traffic just in case. None)



And that's a wrap! I had a lot of fun taking and editing these. Have a great senior year Hunter!


Pat Bagley(non-registered)
I love these!! Hunter you are so handsome, and those eyes!!! Grandma Pat loves you!!!
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